Most likely you have heard the term “Creative Problem Solving” many times. But there is a point where you may ask yourself, what is this term for? As in any other area of human activities, the application of Creative Problem Solving can involve a high degree of complexity and time.

It might be very interesting to look at the definition of Creative Problem Solving as it is usually applied. In case of solving a specific problem that is arising, the starting point is the Identify or What problem is the individual in problem solving with the solution to? Once this is done then a plan to solve the problem can be conceived by the individual.

So why would it be that Creative Problem Solving is not well understood in most cases? This is because most of us do not possess a skill set to go with the challenges we face every day. We are not good at planning, defining and developing solutions. That is where Creative Problem Solving comes in to play.

To understand Creative Problem Solving, we need to understand how an Individual works. Being an Individual is being aware of one’s environment. The task of an Individual is to adapt to their environment. While everyone is aware of the fact that Environmental Stressors are not going to stop with industrialization and the advent of urbanization, it is more difficult for an Individual to relate to that environment and develop an understanding of how it affects their environment.

Aesthetics as a part of the Arts is a part of a cultural or a Creative Movement. There are many causes that can affect an individual and they are the same which are involved in any other activity. Each individual is diverse and specific to their abilities. Meaning every person in the world has unique skill sets.

It is quite easy to adapt to situations if you have a clear understanding of the different skill sets you have. But unfortunately for most of us we lack this understanding and ability to adapt to situations as they arise. This is where Creative Problem Solving comes in. It is the ability to adapt to the Environment in which we live.

The process of Creative Problem Solving is important in order to survive in the World today. If an Individual is going to survive and prosper then the individual must be able to adapt and work with the environment. It is through this adaptability and ability to identify and address problems and modify them that individuals can prosper and thrive. It is essential that all individuals use this ability in order to survive in the Environment.